Refund Policy

RM250.00 refundable auction fee required from customers to participate in the bidding (auction) either at e-wallet or pay upon at bid now button.

RM250.00 fee is non-refundable to the successful bidder.

Upon successful the bidder will be notified via email and at their dashboard in platform.

For unsuccessful bidders who are paying through FPX, Boost Wallet, Maybank QR, Grab Pay and Touch N Go, the auction fee will be refunded to your e-wallet at your dashboard. You can request for refund to your bank account by click WALLET WITHDRAWAL at your dashboard.

For the successful bidder who have paid through FPX, Boost Wallet, Maybank QR, Grab Pay and Touch N Go the RM250.00 auction fee will not be refunded.

Customers who are using PRE-AUTHORIZATION system will not be charge any amount if they fail to achieved highest bid.

Successful bidder who are using PRE-AUTHORIZATION will be charge RM250.00 as an auction fee which is non-refundable.

Important, please take note.

All the payment to bidding purpose is only through Ipay88 payment gateway which you can find at platform upon successful registration.

In the event you have any issue, you need to contact our hotline 0194110302, email us to  or send a message at our platform ( ) page. will not take any responsibilities if there a fraud in money transaction happens other than above stated payment gateway. did not appoint any other company or individual to collect payment on behalf of our company.

If you have doubt on the payment issue, you may contact us via hotline 0194110302 / before paying any amount.